Project Description

Viewforth High School’s 2024 Career Fair was organised by DYW Coordinators Carrie Beesley and Jill MacKay. The event aimed to provide young people and their families with insights into various sectors to help inform their future pathways. Featuring 41 invited exhibitors from local and national businesses and higher educational institutes, the fair facilitated conversations and questions, offering invaluable experiences for attendees. Two sessions were held, one for students and another for parents and the wider community, to maximise accessibility. 

Representatives from diverse sectors engaged with young people and families to share career pathways, discuss workdays, educational requirements, and potential opportunities. Attendees included Sky TV, Diageo, Napier University, RAF, British Gas, and more. Businesses and educational institutes saw value in engaging with young people, providing insights into future careers and offering information on apprenticeships and work experience. 

Classes were allocated time slots during the school day to attend the fair, enabling every student to interact with exhibitors. Young people were challenged to engage with at least five stalls, supported by prompt sheets. They gathered information on entry requirements, qualifications, work experience, and apprenticeship opportunities, motivating them to work harder and consider staying in school for further qualifications. Attendees received leaflets and gifts from employers, encouraging future engagement. 

Feedback from Attendees:
Feedback surveys revealed positive experiences: 

  • A student expressed interest in working for Babcock. 
  • Attendees found the event interesting and informative, guiding their education choices. 
  • Some students determined specific courses they wanted to study post-school, with opportunities for university visits. 

Viewforth High School’s Career Fair 2024 proved instrumental in guiding students’ career aspirations and educational pathways, demonstrating the value of collaboration between schools, businesses, and educational institutions.