Project Description

Concrete in the Classroom (CitC) is a dynamic 2-day programme designed to introduce students to the world of concrete technology and its applications in the construction industry. The initiative, spearheaded by ExpLearn – Concrete Scotland, aims to engage students in hands-on learning experiences, including site visits and practical workshops. Participants from St Columba’s RC High School had the opportunity to visit Skene Concrete Works in Glenrothes and engage in classroom-based learning activities. 

The programme focuses on enhancing participants’ transversal and employability skills, such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and presentation skills. Moreover, students gain a deeper understanding of the world of work and the role of the concrete sector within the construction industry. Completing CitC also offers students an Introduction to Concrete Technology qualification (SCQF Level 5), further enriching their educational experience. 

ExpLearn – Concrete Scotland plays a pivotal role in facilitating CitC, bringing industry expertise and resources to the classroom. Their involvement not only enriches the learning experience for students but also fosters closer collaboration between education and industry. By participating in CitC, businesses like ExpLearn – Concrete Scotland demonstrate their commitment to supporting youth development and promoting equal opportunities in the trade and engineering sectors. 

The CitC programme features interactive workshops and site visits, providing students with practical insights into concrete technology. Feedback from participants highlights the engaging and informative nature of the activities, with students expressing enthusiasm for the hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, positive feedback from teachers and the technology department indicates interest in integrating CitC into future curricula. 

Feedback from Participants: 

  • “It was really cool to see the process at Skene and very informative.” 
  • “Never got bored as it was hands-on and brilliant we got to make tiles and create our own moulds.” 
  • “I felt that it was enjoyable and worthwhile.” 
  • “I hope that techy starts this course as it’s real-life skills.” 

Further Considerations:
The success of CitC extends beyond its immediate outcomes, with the technology department expressing interest in incorporating the programme into future years’ curriculum. This underscores the long-term impact of initiatives like CitC in empowering students with real-world skills and fostering collaboration between education and industry stakeholders.