Project Description

Woodmill High School’s Business Education Department received an invitation from Future Assets to participate in a unique competition aimed at introducing girls in Scottish schools to the world of investment management. The 10-week competition provided an opportunity for teams of S4 to S6 girls to experience the role of an Investment Manager. Under the guidance of investment professionals, known as “Competition Coaches,” the teams were tasked with identifying a company with great investment potential and pitching their choice to a panel. 

Two groups of girls enthusiastically signed up and participated in the competition. Through extensive research and collaboration with their mentors, the students honed their skills in investment analysis and presentation techniques, aiming to secure investment for their chosen companies. 

The initiative was highlighted in the school’s Winter Newsletter, showcasing the girls’ dedication and the support they received from their mentors. Natalie from Baillie Gifford and Alasdair from River & Mercantile, both seasoned professionals in investment management, provided invaluable guidance to the teams. Additionally, the students had the privilege of engaging in a Q&A session with Helen Bradley, CEO of Future Assets, further enriching their learning experience. 

Details of Employers, Businesses, Partners, or Contacts Involved: 

Several key stakeholders contributed to the success of the initiative: 

  • Future Asset: Future Assets spearheaded the competition, providing the platform for students to explore careers in finance and investment. 
  • Baillie Gifford: Natalie from Baillie Gifford served as a mentor, offering expertise in investment management and guiding the teams throughout the competition. 
  • River & Merchantle: Alasdair from River & Mercantile provided invaluable support and mentorship to the participating students, sharing insights into the intricacies of investment analysis and decision-making. 

The collaboration between Woodmill High School and Future Assets, supported by industry partners like Baillie Gifford and River & Mercantile, exemplifies the commitment to empowering young women in finance and investment. Through hands-on experience and mentorship, students gained valuable insights into the world of investment management, honing their skills and confidence along the way. The initiative not only provided a platform for personal and professional growth but also fostered a deeper understanding of financial literacy and career opportunities in the financial services industry.