Young People

Young People

Young People

DYW Fife makes it easy for you to connect with employers to help you understand and develop the skills you need for the world of work.

Why do I need DYW Fife?

  • To better understand the world of work
  • To feel prepared to make choices for your next steps
  • To help build networks, skills, confidence, knowledge and ideas for choices and next steps
  • To understand how your subjects relate to jobs and careers
  • To discover how your strengths and skills relate to specific job roles

How do I access support?

  • No matter where you live, meet employers in the classroom and through experience in the real world of work
  • Get support to connect with employers through the DYW Coordinator in your school
  • We’ve put together a list of all of the available resources for you in this fully interactive flyer

How can we help you?

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“With an apprenticeship, I have found that you can really get the best of both education and work. I am having a fantastic experience at University and, at Leonardo, I absolutely love my current placement in the Mechanical Department. Being in the work environment makes my course work so much easier. I can see and experience real-life practical examples which support the work I am doing at University. I can ask the team questions and relate problems we are solving at work to the course work, which makes it so much easier to grasp. Every aspect of the apprenticeship supports my development as a student, teaches me about being an employee and builds me up as a person. I’m so much more confident and would love nothing more than to continue learning and working at Leonardo, long into the future.”

Carly O’Hagen, Graduate Apprentice, Leonardo

Case Studies



Visit Scotland and SDS: Pathways into Tourism

We sat down with DYW Board Member and Senior Tourism Insight Manager at Visit Scotland, Chris Greenwood, and Lawrence Durden, Tourism Industry Manager at Skills Development Scotland, to discuss careers for young people in the tourism sector and why this is important for the future of Fife.

Get in touch with the DYW Fife team to find out how we can ignite opportunities for you on your chosen career path!

Get in touch with the DYW Fife team to find out how we can ignite opportunities for you on your chosen career path!