Project Description

STEM Futures at Napier University

On 8th May twenty-five S3 students from Viewforth High School visited Napier University Schools of Engineering and Computing in Edinburgh to participate in Science and Technology based workshops. The workshops were designed to inspire young people to explore the possibilities of careers in STEM related sectors.  They covered exciting and future looking topics such as artificial intelligence, sustainable energy and intelligent learning for training robots.

The focus was on the research and development of innovative technological solutions to some of societies greatest current issues – such as looking at new ways of converting energy from the sun, wind and water into electricity.

All the activities aimed to promote collaborative learning, creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills.  The students engaged fully in all the workshops and as an unexpected bonus were able to attend a STEM stations drop in event which happened to be on at the same time. There were loads of opportunities to get hands-on with laser drawing, guiding underwater drones and even testing their skills in driving games

In addition, the young people gained invaluable  insight into what university life is really like by visiting science labs, listening to talks in lecture theatres and lunching in the canteen.  They were hosted by current students in the university who were able to give them more details of student life at Napier University.

“It was really interesting and we enjoyed seeing what university would be like. We both feel that we now want to find out more about possible careers in Science and Technology” S3 pupils Grace Wilson and Eryn Pudney

As an engineer I felt that this day showcased some great real-life engineering applications. Students were given a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the world around us and see ways in which STEM can be used to improve it” Dr Paul MacDonald, Maths teacher

A huge thanks from everyone at Viewforth High School to all those at Napier University who helped to make it such a memorable and worthwhile day!