Project Description

The CAD design and 3D printing project at Auchmuty High School stemmed from a collaboration between the school and Fife College’s Culture of Enterprise. Fife College provided teaching materials for the school’s S3 Graphic Communication classes to introduce pupils to 3D Computer Modelling and 3D printing. The project aimed to familiarize students with these technologies, enabling them to create designs using the school’s 3D printers. Over the course of 8 weeks, pupils developed a basic understanding of concept design, 3D modelling, slicing, and printing, providing them with insights into how design and technology are utilised in industry. Mrs. Halliday played a pivotal role in supporting the project with the S3 Graphic Communication classes. 

The project leveraged Auchmuty High School’s relationship with Fife College, particularly its various departments. This partnership provided an opportunity for the school’s CDT department to collaborate on a school-based CAD/CAM project, aligning with the curriculum and offering practical experiences to students. 

The project involved a series of 3DCAD lessons facilitated by Fife College’s teaching materials. Students were guided through CAD modelling and 3D printing processes, culminating in the creation of their designs. At the end of the course, each pupil received a certificate for their participation and completion of the project. Students expressed their enjoyment in witnessing their designs come to life through 3D printing and appreciated the opportunity to explore new CAD software. 

Feedback from Attendees:
Students provided positive feedback on their experiences: 

  • “I really enjoyed seeing how to manufacture something straight from a CAD drawing.” 
  • “I enjoyed using a new CAD software for each project we were tasked with.” 
  • “It was nice to see the design we had created being 3D printed in real life.” 

The project not only enhanced students’ technical skills but also provided valuable insights into the practical applications of CAD design and 3D printing in the manufacturing industry.