Project Description

The Whole School Careers Fair at Beath High School, held on Thursday 7th December, aimed to enlighten young people and their families about various career opportunities. Over 55 exhibitors from diverse sectors participated, including local businesses like ExxonMobil and Sainsbury’s Bank, as well as Fife Council and third-sector organisations like Fife Gingerbread and Fife Voluntary Action. The event intended to raise awareness about different job sectors and educational pathways, providing attendees with opportunities to engage, ask questions, and explore their interests.  

Exhibitors from various sectors saw the potential to raise awareness about their industries and opportunities among local young people. They were eager to engage with the school community and valued the chance to connect with potential future employees. Post-event, feedback forms and a link for businesses to sign up to the Young Persons Guarantee were circulated. 

Feedback from Attendees:
Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. A pupil expressed newfound awareness of career opportunities, while a parent appreciated the chance for face-to-face interaction with exhibitors. Businesses commended the event’s organisation and engagement with parents, pupils, and teachers. 

The success of the careers fair prompted plans for a checklist to ensure future events’ smooth running. Save-the-date notifications and reminders ensured a good turnout, with over 300 attendees. 

Overall, Beath High School’s Careers Fair exemplified successful collaboration between schools, businesses, and the community to empower young people in their career journeys.