Project Description

Madras College, in collaboration with Powering Futures, engaged a group of S5/6 pupils in the Fuel Challenge—an initiative aimed at fostering meta skills while addressing issues related to unsustainable transport. Throughout the year, students participated in various activities designed to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. The culmination of their efforts involved presenting their solutions to a panel of judges from Powering Futures, Scottish Water, and the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) coordinator. 

Participating businesses included Scottish Water, British Gas, Newsquest, Urban Fox, and the Scottish Government. Madras College collaborated closely with Urban Fox, Scottish Water, and Bob Tooze from St Andrews University to deliver the program. These partnerships reflect a commitment to fostering innovative solutions to environmental challenges while equipping young people with essential skills for future success. 

Madras College hosted the event on March 12th, inviting cohorts from Perth Academy to attend the presentations. Students seized the opportunity to showcase their solutions to both peers and industry professionals, demonstrating confidence, effective communication, and teamwork. The event provided a platform for students to apply the skills they had developed throughout the program, preparing them for future endeavors in the workforce or higher education. 

Feedback from Those in Attendance: 

Participants reflected on their experiences: 

  • “I loved having the opportunity to make new friends and working together with them.” 
  • “The experience was incredibly fulfilling, and I really enjoyed working through the challenge with my team.” 
  • “I loved learning more about how we can help reduce climate change.” 
  • “My time in Fuel Challenge was amazing. We managed to work through every problem together as a team. I definitely recommend this to everyone.” 
  • “It was nerve-wracking presenting to a large group, but it was interesting to hear everyone’s ideas.” 

The Fuel Challenge at Madras College exemplifies the power of collaborative partnerships in driving sustainable solutions and nurturing essential skills among young people. By engaging with real-world challenges and industry professionals, students not only develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues but also cultivate the skills necessary for success in the green economy. Initiatives like these not only benefit individual participants but also contribute to the broader goal of building a more sustainable and resilient future.