Project Description

Fife Building Services, in collaboration with Bell Baxter High School, is actively supporting the apprenticeship programme to connect with the local community and showcase opportunities within Fife Building Services. The school has strategically incorporated visits and practical workshops by Fife Building Services into the curriculum to enhance the skills and prospects of young people. 

Neil MacGregor and Wendy Melville from Fife Building Services played key roles in establishing contact with the school and developing a strategy to promote apprenticeships at Bell Baxter High School. Coordination with Neil and Wendy facilitated the organization of the initial event and paved the way for future events scheduled throughout the academic year. 

At the event, Neil and current apprentices engaged with young people, shedding light on the apprenticeship opportunities within Fife Council, particularly within Fife Building Services—an essential contributor as the third-largest employer in Scotland. Practical projects were introduced, challenging the young participants to problem-solve, including tasks like completing circuits for plumbing and electrical layouts. The students also worked on joinery projects during the event. 

This initiative provided an exciting opportunity for young people to connect with a significant employer in Fife. The emphasis during the event was on fostering the right attitude and application skills, underscoring their importance in securing employment with Fife Building Services. The young participants were guided through the Fife Building Services application process to equip them with the best chance of gaining employment. 

Feedback from Attendees 

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive. Young participants expressed that they learned significantly from the experience and expressed a desire for more visits of a similar nature. Neil from Fife Building Services commended the Bell Baxter young people for their well-behaved and mature demeanour, expressing anticipation for continued collaboration with Bell Baxter High School in the future.