Project Description

Michael Laird Architects initiated contact with Dunfermline High School, expressing interest in engaging with students pursuing careers in architecture. The goal was to provide students with insights into the architectural profession, potential career paths, and foster a connection between education and industry. 

The event involved a site visit to Michael Laird Architects in Edinburgh, held on a Monday afternoon. Students, including senior Architecture enthusiasts and those from the CDT department, were given a comprehensive tour of the office. They had the opportunity to witness ongoing projects in a boardroom setting, interact with staff members, and learn about the journey of architecture and interior design professionals. 

Zahra Hussain Shah, one of the students, shared her positive experience. The visit included viewing past projects, discussions with architects about university experiences, and a conversation with an interior designer named Rachel. The engagement was enriching, and Zahra even secured contact details for potential work experience opportunities. 

Feedback from Attendees:  

Zahra Hussain Shah expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “It went amazing! We got to see all the lovely work that they have done in the previous years. I also got a chance to have a good conversation with Rachel who is an interior designer. Before I left, I exchanged contact details with her for possible work experience.” 

The school coordinator commended Zahra’s commitment and determination to benefit from the opportunity, highlighting the success of the visit and the value it brought to the students. 

Zahra’s exchange of contact details for potential work experience demonstrates the tangible impact of the site visit. The event not only provided valuable insights into the architectural profession but also fostered connections that could lead to future opportunities for students. This engagement serves as a testament to the positive outcomes that can arise from collaboration between educational institutions and industry partners.