Project Description

In collaboration with the British Army and through the Army Youth Challenge, Beath High School orchestrated a captivating engagement for 15 students keen on pursuing careers in the armed forces or STEM fields. The event unfolded at Forthside Barracks, Stirling, where students delved into a spectrum of STEM challenges, leadership exercises, and teamwork initiatives. The meticulously planned activities included coding robots, bridge construction, experimenting with night vision equipment, intelligence discussions, and collaborative problem-solving on a STEM challenge with a specific target. 

The event aimed to equip students with practical experiences, fostering their leadership, communication, initiative, and resilience skills. The challenges not only provided insights into the dynamic world of the army but also encouraged the development of essential life skills. 

In the upcoming new year, the British Army plans to continue its engagement with Beath High School by leading follow-up activities centered around teamwork, resilience, initiative, problem-solving, leadership, organizational skills, and communication. 

The key figures from the British Army who played instrumental roles in this initiative were Lt Col H Clark (Chief Engagement, Communication, and Outreach) and Lt J Parker RIFLES (Coordinator of Army Youth Challenge Stirling). Their engagement with schools extends beyond career discussions, providing valuable insights into life in the army and showcasing the diverse roles available. 

What Happened at the Event/Activity 

Local Unit, 7 SCOTS from Stirling, collaborated with schools and youth groups to offer an immersive learning opportunity. The event provided hands-on experience in STEM, leadership, and teamwork activities. Students had the chance to develop resilience, communication, and decision-making skills within an Army-themed environment, showcasing the practical application of these skills. 

Feedback from Those in Attendance 

Jack, an S4 pupil, shared, “I found it very interesting to see the different roles available to me within the army and not just as a soldier. For example, a mechanic, cook, and logistics. It was a fun day that has made me even more set on joining the army when I leave school.” All pupils expressed their enjoyment of the day, emphasizing the valuable insights gained into the diverse roles available in the army. They particularly appreciated the hands-on nature of the tasks and the variety of workshops offered. 

This Army Youth Challenge not only broadened students’ perspectives on military careers but also contributed significantly to their personal and professional skill development.