Project Description

Exploring Textile Careers with Todd & Duncan

Organised by DYW Fife and Tay Cities, the event brought together Todd & Duncan, a renowned player in the textile industry, and young people interested in exploring career opportunities in the field. Todd & Duncan initiated contact with DYW Fife, expressing their eagerness to engage young individuals in the textile industry and introduce them to potential apprenticeship opportunities. 

The visit to Todd & Duncan proved to be an enriching experience for the participating students. The event provided a comprehensive overview of the textile industry, with a focus on the various apprenticeships available. The students had the opportunity to witness the intricate processes involved in producing high-end cashmere products. 

During the visit, students engaged with employees from different departments, gaining insights into colour mixing, blending, production, engineering, quality control, and management. The experience allowed them to contextualize the different facets of a working environment within a company that enjoys a global reputation in the textile industry. 

Walking through the building while products were in the manufacturing process was described as akin to a museum visit, underscoring the historical significance of Todd & Duncan’s facility. The tour guide emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability, explaining the need to upgrade technology and expand the building to future-proof their cashmere products. 

Discussions extended to the intricacies of maintaining consistent product quality, despite challenges posed by factors like climate change and variations in the environment where the goats providing the cashmere are raised. The students were fascinated by the complex interplay between environmental changes and the quality of the final product. 

A teacher who accompanied the students provided positive feedback, expressing enthusiasm about the visit. The teacher recommended extending such opportunities to other departments, citing the relevance of the experience to jobs in mechanics and engineering. 

Direct quotes from the feedback included: 

Teacher: “Our visit to Todd and Duncan – in short, it was a really interesting visit, and I would highly recommend opening this out to CDT next year too.” 

Teacher: “It was all very slick, and a lot of time and money were invested in the day.”  

The teacher also expressed a desire to share the positive comments with Todd & Duncan, emphasizing the students’ appreciation for the investment made in organizing the visit. The company’s keen interest in having students apply for apprenticeships was evident, reflecting a genuine commitment to nurturing young talent in the textile industry. 

The event not only provided valuable insights into the textile industry but also highlighted Todd & Duncan’s dedication to sustainability and technology advancement. The engagement fostered a real-world understanding of the industry and its challenges, contributing to the students’ informed decision-making regarding potential career paths. Todd & Duncan’s investment in the day underscored their commitment to supporting education and future talent within the textile sector.