Project Description

Exploring Careers with Quaker Oats 

Kilmaron School’s senior pupils embarked on a unique culinary journey this term, creating various recipes using oats. With the only Quaker Oats factory in the UK just around the corner, an ideal opportunity arose to delve into the business and showcase the students’ creations. The project was part of the school’s project, a collaboration between Fife Council’s Supported Employment Service, Education and DYW (Developing the Young Workforce). This initiative aims to support pupils with additional support needs in exploring the world of work. 

Quaker Oats, a part of the PepsiCo brand, actively participated in this project. Tracey Braid and Jane Leslie from Quaker Oats provided an exceptional experience for the pupils, engaging them in a practical, visual, and sensory exploration of the world of oats.  

The session commenced with a tasting of the pupils’ oat-based recipes, showcasing their learning and culinary skills. Tracey and Jane then guided the class through the various production stages oats undergo before reaching the packaging and sales phase. The students learned about the importance of hygiene, including the necessity of wearing hair nets and maintaining cleanliness in a production environment. 

An engaging game was organized, immersing the students in the stages of oat production. The pupils filled Quaker Oat-branded tins with oats, sealed the tins, loaded a “delivery truck” (represented by a wheelbarrow), and delivered the oats to the correct country, each identified by a flag. 

Feedback from those in attendance 

Student: “I loved tasting the recipes we made. It was cool to see how they make oats for real!” 

Teacher: “The game was fantastic—it made the learning so interactive and fun. The students were completely engaged.” 

Quaker Oats went above and beyond by generously providing gifts for all the young participants and sample products for them to taste. This thoughtful gesture not only added a positive note to the experience but also created a tangible connection between the students and the Quaker Oats brand. Additionally, the event offered valuable insights into the world of work for students with additional support needs, emphasizing inclusivity and providing them with a unique opportunity to explore potential career paths. The collaboration between Kilmaron School and Quaker Oats exemplifies the positive impact that businesses can have on young people through hands-on and immersive educational experiences.