Project Description

Empowering Bell Baxter High School Through Race to Zero Campaign 

The Culture of Enterprise partnered with Bell Baxter High School to collaborate with pupils and teachers in supporting the Global Goals group. The primary goal was to engage with the local community and advocate for a just and fair transition to achieve net zero. The school planned to leverage Race to Zero as a resource to raise awareness of real business challenges and foster the development of Enterprise Skills. 

Alison Sinclair from the Culture of Enterprise Fife played a pivotal role in initiating contact with the school to develop a strategy for promoting the Race to Zero campaign. The Global Goals team at Bell Baxter, led by Carron Pour, took charge of organizing the event and promoting Race to Zero throughout the school community during break times. 

The Global Goals team actively engaged in conversations with both pupils and staff about the Race to Zero Campaign. To enhance the learning experience, the team introduced the Race to Zero App, a valuable resource for Learning for Sustainability and Enterprise. This app-based game, a revitalization of the existing Fife School’s Enterprise Game, focuses on energy transition and sustainability. 

The app offers an exciting opportunity for young people to participate in an important message. Students make investment decisions within the app, aiming to transition from fossil fuels to powering their virtual town with renewable energy. It also includes engaging, interactive STEM puzzles in augmented reality to educate students about various types of renewable energy. The app, designed for pupils aged 12-16, aligns fully with the Curriculum for Excellence. 

Feedback from Attendees:  

The feedback received from the promotion of Race to Zero was overwhelmingly positive. Young people expressed that they gained valuable insights from the Global Goals team. The interactive and educational nature of the app was particularly well-received, with students appreciating the opportunity to make real-world decisions about energy transition. 

The enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated by the pupils and staff during the event suggested that the initiative successfully captured their interest and effectively conveyed the message of sustainability and net zero goals. 

This collaboration between the Culture of Enterprise, Bell Baxter High School, and the Global Goals team demonstrated a successful integration of real-world challenges into the educational framework, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable practices and the journey towards achieving net zero.