Project Description

The Volunteering Programme, initiated by Fairway Fife in collaboration with DYW Fife, aimed to provide senior pupils from Dunfermline High School with the opportunity to mentor young people with disabilities or additional support needs through engaging in sports activities. The partnership stemmed from an existing relationship between Fairway Fife and the school, with pupils already involved in Foundation Apprenticeships. The primary focus of the volunteering initiative was to foster relationships, mentorship, and support among the participants, with specialist delivery professionals leading the sporting activities. 

Fairway Fife, in conjunction with DYW Fife, spearheaded the initiative, with Dunfermline High School serving as the participating educational institution. Additionally, Dunfermline Athletic Football Club (DAFC) played a pivotal role by providing facilities and opportunities for the pupils to engage in football activities with service users at Pitreavie. 

Over a 6-week period, pupils from Dunfermline High School dedicated their time to volunteer and mentor with Fairway Fife. Central to their involvement was the opportunity to engage in football sessions alongside service users, offering support in communication and social skills development. The structured nature of the program enabled pupils to enhance their interpersonal abilities while contributing positively to the community. As the program progressed, pupils expressed a desire to continue their involvement beyond the initial volunteering period, indicating the impactful nature of the experience on their personal growth and career pathways. 

One pupil shared, “Lovely people and I have gained a lot of experience from it. My communication skills have broadened because you are learning to communicate in a different way. During the game you chat to the young adults and promote positivity with fist pumps. It is really organised and I have even requested to continue mentoring. It is pact with opportunities and Fairway Fife are just amazing.” 

The Volunteering Programme facilitated by Fairway Fife, in collaboration with DYW Fife and supported by Dunfermline Athletic Football Club, exemplifies the power of community partnerships in empowering youth and promoting inclusivity. By providing opportunities for mentorship and engagement in meaningful activities, the initiative not only enhances the skills and confidence of the participating pupils but also fosters a sense of social responsibility and empathy. Moving forward, the success of this endeavour serves as a testament to the transformative impact of volunteering initiatives in creating positive outcomes for both individuals and communities alike.