Project Description

The Army Engagement Team collaborated with pupils and teachers at Bell Baxter High School to support the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and apprenticeship program. The goal was to engage the local community and highlight the opportunities within the Armed Forces. Bell Baxter High School integrated visits and practical workshops into the curriculum to enhance the work and life skills of young people. 

Warrant Officer Craig Robinson from the Army Engagement Team played a key role in initiating contact with the school and developing a strategy to promote STEM activities and apprenticeships. Collaboratively, they organised a series of events aimed at promoting career opportunities within the Armed Forces. 

Over a five-week period, Craig and his team organised a comprehensive program of activities. The Army Engagement Team facilitated discussions with the students, focusing on apprenticeship opportunities within the Army and the importance of life and work skills, particularly in the armed forces context. Practical projects and tasks were introduced to the students, including completing an obstacle course, tackling physical challenges, and strategising survival techniques for hypothetical scenarios like a zombie apocalypse. Additionally, students engaged in building tasks aimed at problem-solving without instructions. 

The collaboration provided an exciting opportunity for the young participants to interact with a significant employer in their community. The emphasis was placed on fostering positive attitudes and demonstrating practical application skills, with the underlying message that these attributes are essential for future employment prospects. Students were guided through the application process to equip them with the necessary tools for securing employment opportunities in the future. 

Feedback: Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive. Participants said that they gained valuable insights from the experience and expressed interest in more visits of a similar nature. Warrant Officer Craig Robinson commended the behaviour and maturity of the Bell Baxter young people and expressed enthusiasm for future collaborations with the school. 

Conclusion: The collaboration between the Army Engagement Team and Bell Baxter High School exemplifies the value of partnerships in promoting career awareness and skill development among young people. By integrating practical workshops and engaging activities into the curriculum, the initiative not only showcased opportunities within the Armed Forces but also empowered students with essential life and work skills. This case study underscores the importance of community engagement and industry partnerships in fostering the holistic development of future generations.