Project Description

Glenrothes High School collaborated with Sky TV Studios to offer the SKY Up Experience, aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of the media industry and developing their digital skills. Over two terms, 70 S1 and S2 pupils participated in immersive visits to the Sky TV Studios in Livingston, engaging in hands-on activities and gaining insights into various roles within the media sector. 

The SKY Up Experience was initiated through regular emails from Sky TV Studios, offering immersive experiences to schools. The goal was to foster creativity, digital literacy, confidence, and teamwork among S1 and S2 students. Pupils undertook team-building activities and produced news reports during their visits, providing them with firsthand experience of the media industry. 

Feedback: Feedback from students and staff highlighted the positive impact of the SKY Up Experience: 

  • Young people expressed newfound confidence and enjoyment in presenting a news report, despite initial nervousness. 
  • Miss Green praised the experience as valuable for students, emphasising the development of teamwork skills in a different environment.

Conclusion: The Sky TV Studios “SKY Up Experience” site visit provided Glenrothes High School students with an immersive and educational opportunity to explore the media industry. Through hands-on activities and teamwork, students gained valuable skills and insights, paving the way for future career exploration and personal growth. This collaboration exemplifies the meaningful partnerships that contribute to enriching educational experiences for young people.