Project Description

The “Dragons’ Den” competition held at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline was a collaborative effort involving the Pupil Support Service – The Bridges Centre, Social Enterprise Schools, DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) Fife, Fife Council, Fife College, and the Scottish Government. This event emerged as part of a broader initiative to foster entrepreneurial skills among young students. 

The initiative stemmed from a pupil’s desire to transform her bracelet-making hobby into a social enterprise. Under the guidance of the Social Enterprise Academy, the pupil, Caitlin, enrolled in the Dragons’ Den competition. Her vision was to empower primary school pupils by teaching them bracelet-making skills and selling their creations to raise funds for educational resources. This model aimed not only to generate income but also to instil a culture of social responsibility and entrepreneurship within the school community. 

What Happened at the Event/Activity: 

The Dragons’ Den competition provided a platform for Caitlin and other participating schools to pitch their social enterprise ideas to a panel of industry experts. Maria Lloyd, Head of Education and Children Services, offered opening remarks, setting the tone for an inspiring and educational event. For Caitlin, the experience was transformative. She honed her business acumen, developed a comprehensive business plan, sought funding, designed a logo, and delivered a compelling pitch before a sizable audience. 

Feedback from Those in Attendance: 

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive. The Dragons commended Caitlin and her peers for their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. The event sparked inspiration and collaboration among schools, with participants eager to implement similar initiatives in the future. 

Beyond the tangible outcomes of fundraising and business development, the Dragons’ Den competition fostered a sense of camaraderie and support within the school community. Students rallied behind Caitlin, demonstrating empathy and encouragement—an unintended yet invaluable outcome of the event. 


The Dragons’ Den competition exemplifies the power of collaborative partnerships and experiential learning in fostering entrepreneurship among young people. By equipping students with practical skills and a sense of social responsibility, initiatives like these not only benefit individual participants but also contribute to the cultivation of a more innovative and socially conscious society.