Project Description

The objective of the Career Exploration Week was to provide S1 pupils with insights into various careers within History, Modern Studies, and Geography. Through a series of sessions with professionals from diverse fields, students were exposed to different career pathways and opportunities available to them. 

Throughout the week, each S1 class participated in 15 sessions, with each class attending three sessions. The sessions featured a wide range of speakers, including representatives from Police Scotland, Edinburgh University, local museums, government officials, aviation professionals, educators, and more. Each session provided valuable insights into the respective careers, with speakers sharing their experiences, career paths, and key information about their professions. 

Key Learnings: 

  • Engagement and Enthusiasm: Pupils actively participated in the sessions and demonstrated a keen interest by asking insightful questions. The atmosphere was vibrant, and students showed enthusiasm for learning about various career opportunities. 
  • Inclusivity: Even students who may typically struggle in a traditional classroom setting actively engaged in the sessions and displayed enthusiasm for learning. 
  • Diverse Career Pathways: Students gained exposure to a diverse range of career paths and learned about different routes to enter various professions, broadening their understanding of potential future opportunities. 

Teacher’s Reflection: The Career Exploration Week was highly successful, generating a palpable buzz within the school as students interacted with professionals from different fields. Students eagerly shared their experiences with peers from other classes, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The interactive nature of the sessions, coupled with the comprehensive career pathway information provided by the speakers, enriched the students’ understanding of potential career options. 

The success of the event has inspired the school to consider making it an annual tradition, recognising its value in exposing students to diverse career possibilities. Moreover, the event served as a catalyst for future initiatives, such as the introduction of a History Ambassador program, aimed at further engaging students and encouraging their involvement in the senior phase. 

The Career Exploration Week provided S1 pupils with invaluable insights into various career opportunities within History, Modern Studies, and Geography. By exposing students to professionals from different fields, the event not only broadened their horizons but also instilled in them a sense of excitement and curiosity about their future career paths. Moving forward, the school aims to build on the success of this initiative, ensuring that students continue to receive comprehensive career guidance and support throughout their educational journey.