Project Description

St. Andrew’s RC High School, as part of their strategy to engage local businesses and foster meaningful partnerships, the school organised a business breakfast on February 8th. 

The event aimed to showcase the school’s efforts in nurturing young talent and to provide a platform for dialogue between educators, employers, and students. Attendees were treated to presentations from the DYW School team, highlighting their vision and initiatives. Additionally, representatives from the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) addressed the audience, advocating for a shift in the language used around qualifications to align with evolving educational standards. 

The event saw participation from a diverse range of businesses and organisations committed to supporting youth development. These entities represent a blend of established partners and new connections eager to contribute to the educational journey of students at St. Andrew’s RC High School. 

The morning commenced with warm greetings and networking opportunities, setting the tone for collaboration. Patrick Callaghan, the Head Teacher, opened the proceedings, underscoring the school’s commitment to bridging the gap between education and employment. 

Subsequent presentations delved into the intricacies of DYW initiatives within the school, highlighting success stories and ongoing projects. The SCQF team’s insightful discourse spurred conversations on redefining qualification terminology to better reflect the multifaceted skills of students. 

The event’s climax featured student-led presentations, where young learners showcased their readiness for the workforce. Eloquent and confident, they engaged with attendees, sharing anecdotes and experiences shaped by DYW interventions. 

Feedback from Attendees: 

Feedback from attendees underscored the success and impact of the event: 

  • Samantha Dick, DYW Fife & Fife Chamber of Commerce: “It was really a brilliant morning. The Young People were excellent, a true reflection of the school.” 
  • Neil McGregor, Team Manager, Fife Building Services: “Thought your breakfast was one of the best I have attended. Pupils I engaged with were an excellent advert for your school.” 
  • Mark Kelly, Employment Advisor, Triage: “The event was great and the pupils were amazing. They really are a credit to all of you and a reflection of the fantastic work you are all doing.” 
  • Pauline McGeevor, Community Liaison Officer, Shell: “Excellent event! The pupils were really engaged, and the presentation from Nicola was great.” 

In conclusion, the DYW Business Breakfast at St. Andrew’s RC High School exemplifies the power of collaboration in nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals. Through meaningful partnerships and student-centered initiatives, the school continues to pave the way for youth success in the ever-evolving landscape of work and education.