Project Description

The CSI Balwearie Practical Workshop, a collaboration between Balwearie High School and Fife College, emerged as an initiative driven by the PTC Social Subjects at Balwearie High School. The goal was to provide pupils in the new S2 CSI: Balwearie elective classes with hands-on experience in crime scene investigation. Kevin Spears, Academic Manager Science Mathematics and Numeracy at Fife College and an ex-Balwearie pupil, recreated a crime scene on the school grounds, mirroring the discovery of a skull on Corstorphine Hill. Pupils, after an overview of crime scene protocol, actively participated by cordoning off the crime scene, collecting evidence, and engaging in forensic analysis. 

Kevin Spears played a pivotal role in bringing this engaging workshop to life. As an ex-Balwearie pupil and a parent with sons attending the school, his personal connection underscored the commitment to support the initiative. Fife College, recognizing the value of fostering links with schools, actively supported this endeavor. The three-session workshop (held on 8th, 15th, and 22nd November) involved all 60 S2 pupils. Kevin’s dedication to the project, even rearranging sessions due to inclement weather, exemplifies Fife College’s commitment to nurturing educational initiatives. 

Balwearie High School expresses a keen interest in sustaining connections with Fife College, not only for future practical workshops but also for classroom visits and college tours. 

Feedback from Those in Attendance 

Cameron, an S2 pupil, exclaimed, “Loads of fun and really interesting!” The enthusiasm was echoed by K. McFarlane, PTC Social Subjects, who shared, “All pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the CSI days organised by Kevin Spears. They gained a great deal of information about crime scene protocol and physical evidence. No doubt the highlight for them was getting into the role of a Crime Scene Manager, donning the PPE, turning up at the ‘crime scene,’ gathering evidence, and then analysing it afterward. Pupils were so enthusiastic throughout and asked lots of interesting questions. I really hope we can maintain this link and have this input each year.” 

This CSI Balwearie Practical Workshop not only enriched the educational experience for students but also exemplified the impactful collaborations possible between educational institutions and industry partners.