Project Description

Auchmuty High School’s CAD Insight Day at ITW Construction Products 

This initiative emerged from a conversation with a parent, Scott McAndrew, during Auchmuty High School’s open evening. The focus was on incorporating Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills taught in Graphic Communication courses into real-world applications. The intended outcome was to provide Higher Graphic Communication pupils with insights into the multifaceted use of CAD in designing, manufacturing, and testing products within the industry, emphasizing potential career pathways. 

ITW Construction Products, based in Glenrothes, participated in this venture. They design, test, and manufacture joist hanger brackets for the construction industry. The engagement with Auchmuty High School stemmed from a parent’s connection to the company, where similar skills taught in the school’s Graphic Communication courses were applied in a professional setting. 

Event/Activity Highlights 

The event took place at ITW Construction Products, with twelve Higher Graphic Communication pupils participating. The experience encompassed various aspects: 

  • Introduction to Autodesk Inventor’s SHEET METAL command for creating developments. 
  • Utilisation of Inventor rendering package for crafting glossy promotional documents. 
  • Insight into the design phase, emphasising safety and strength. 
  • Hands-on prototype testing with coloured plastic, examining reactions under tension, compression, and different angles. 
  • Workshop floor visit to witness manufacturing stages and robotic material handling. 
  • Observation of destructive testing in the company’s testing room to assess load capacity. 

Feedback from Attendees 

“It was very educational seeing how the different products were made from start to finish.” 

“It was very interesting seeing how Autodesk Inventor, the software we use at school, was used in a workplace for a range of design projects.” 

“It was really cool and inspiring to see the full production process from planning and design all the way through to the full manufacture of the products.” 

“It was enlightening to see how the skills we learn in our graphics class are so easily transferrable to the real world.” 

Further Considerations 

The success of this event has sparked the hope for an annual visit to ITW Construction Products. This recurring initiative aims to continually highlight the seamless transition of skills learned in the classroom to their practical application in a professional working environment.