Project Description

Over the past twelve months, Babcock has actively engaged with Glenrothes High School by delivering STEM-related activities, career talks, participating in career fairs, and hosting site visits. To enhance students’ understanding of the interview process and build confidence, Babcock organized a mock assessment/apprenticeship event on November 20th for 35 Glenrothes High School pupils. The event included various activities such as group tasks, a STEM-related activity, a psychometric test, and insights into current apprenticeships at Babcock. The structured outline aimed to simulate a real-life assessment day, allowing students to experience different scenarios. 

Babcock has been a consistent supporter of Glenrothes High School, actively participating in various activities. The mock assessment day was part of Babcock’s commitment to providing students with insights into the engineering field and other apprenticeships. The involvement of Abbie Ratcliffe, Matthew Mills, Isabel Stansbury, Beth Kennedy, and Reece McPherson from Babcock demonstrated their dedication to inspiring young minds. Abbie Ratcliffe played a crucial role in coordinating the event with the school’s DYW coordinator. 

Event/Activity Highlights 

The Babcock mock assessment day commenced with welcome introductions, providing students with a glimpse into working for Babcock. Group activities followed, presenting scenarios that challenged individuals to devise solutions. A psychometric test assessed personal qualities and abilities. Group STEM tasks involved students working collaboratively to address sustainability concerns, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving skills. Each learner’s engagement and enthusiasm were evident throughout the activities. 

Feedback from Attendees 

Jack Holmes: “I enjoyed my one-to-one interview, and the feedback I received will help me when I apply for Babcock.” 

Andrea Keen: “The mock interview was very helpful and made me feel more prepared for future interviews. It also gave me a better idea of the possible opportunities through Babcock.” 

Ryan Shearer: “This event will help me when applying to Babcock. I am so glad that I attended.” 

Olivia Birks: “I have gained important life skills that will help me throughout my life and applying for jobs.” 

Erin Sturgeon: “Today has helped me prepare for my future because I now have an understanding of the interview process.” 

Logan Harley: “The mock interview will help me in future interviews as I was given good feedback and constructive feedback.”