Project Description

Inspiring entrepreneurs at Madras College with Entrepreneur Me

As part of DYW Fife activities at Madras College in Fife, Scots business, Entrepreneur Me, created and delivered a series of activities across three days to support new S1 pupils. The aim for the event was to support the year group to develop teamwork and leadership skills within small teams, supported by a range of activities. Led by Matt Stewart, who has a wealth of experience in running enterprise events and workshops for young people across the UK, the events had a fantastic reception from Madras College pupils.

Matt led the young people through the concept of running a business and developing leadership and team working skills. The S1 year group was split over three days, working in its school houses. Each day had 90 S1 pupils, 5 S6 prefects and 20 S3 prefects in attendance from 9.00am to 2.00pm.

Each member of every team had a clear role to play in the building up of their businesses. They had to work together as a team to be successful. The teams competed throughout the day to see which group could make the most profit through various creative tasks. They then had to buy and sell items to make profit.

Pupils not only worked with their peers, but had the chance to work and interact with more senior pupils at the school. It allowed the senior pupils to act as mentors and set an example for junior pupils too. Overall, the feedback was incredibly positive and the events made a huge impact on the S1 pupils. Some were so impressed that they have volunteered to help at next year’s transition event for the new S1 pupils who will attend the school next year.

The S6 Prefects who ran the bank and the shop during the activities felt they had gained excellent experience and had developed their leadership and organisational skills along the way. Matt was full of praise for them and had given them space to use their initiative too – which they enjoyed immensely.