Project Description

Social Enterprise Academy came into Madras College to speak to senior pupils about what they do. The intention was that interested pupils would learn what a social enterprise is and consider starting up one themselves. It was attended by over 60 S5 and S6 pupils over two sessions.

Social Enterprise Scotland want to empower young people to make positive change in their communities whilst developing essential skills in areas such as employability, global citizenship and leadership. Their vision is to help create a society which combines economic activity with community benefit, led by social entrepreneurs.

Pupils were told what a social enterprise is and how it differs from a business or charity. They then engaged in a very interactive chat about what problems they would like to solve in their local community. Following on from that, they began to come up with business ideas that would allow them to make money to support their community in some way.

Several groups stood out to the presenters as having excellent ideas. There was a group of boys who were passionate about skateboarding and would like to create an upcycling business in order to fund more skating opportunities in the St Andrews area. Another group that stood out thought about starting a vintage second hand shop and Christmas Fair. They want to help tackle the energy price crisis coming this winter and thought profits could go towards creating packs to distribute to families who are struggling to pay their bills.

Camran, an S5 pupil, said of the experience,

“It was a very interesting talk and it seems like a great experience to build your own business and give back to the community.”