Project Description

The languages department at St Andrews High School has been keen to work with businesses to encourage pupils into a career where languages are essential, so when the event came up via Speakers for Schools on LinkedIn, it was the perfect opportunity.

The target group was S1/2 pupils who had a keen interest in learning a foreign language so that they could gain more from this experience. The aim was to show them what a career in languages could look like and encourage them to engage in questions about this career route.

As part of the event there were numerous guests invited to discuss their job role within languages to give the young people an insight into careers that they can do in this area. Speakers for Schools have been involved in DYW Fife for a number of years, specifically during COVID times, to offer pupils opportunities for work experience at times when they were not able to do it in person.

The pupils were on Google Classrooms with numerous other schools and other people. They were listening to different people discussing their job in the language sector and how important it is for people to be involved in this field. The pupils were able to ask questions to the employers to find out more information. This was targeted at pupils who have an interest in languages and who have expressed a keen interest in progressing with a career in languages.

The pupils were really engaged in the event and commented on how interesting it was to hear about the different experience of people working in the languages field. They were taken aback by how many languages some of the guests can speak and found it very interesting all the different jobs you can do with languages.