Project Description

Pupils mesmerised by Sports Journalism 

S3 pupils at Glentrohes High School were recently joined by BBC Sports Journalist James Christie who shared his journey from school to university and how this led him into his current profession and dream job.  

James shared that working your dream job is a privilege that requires a lot of hard work and dedication but is incredibly worthwhile for the right role. An example he gave was when he offered to take some pictures for Hearts FC at Tynecastle during a home game, the images he captured were described as ‘absolutely breathtaking’ live shots and the rest, as they say, was history.  

James returned to Hearts Football Club every other weekend to take pictures which helped him develop his skills and network within the sports journalism landscape.  

The presentation was inspirational and helped to show the pupils that anything really is possible if you have the means and work ethic to go for it. To view James’ photography, follow him on Twitter  @jameschristie2 

Miss Kelly, Art and Photography Teacher said,  “That presentation was absolutely amazing and I know that has inspired our pupils, no question.’ 

Pupil Taylor Sneddon said, “That was brilliant, I especially liked your pictures of Liam Gallagher. It is amazing you get to get up so close to these stars”. 

Mr Dudley, teacher, said, “Mesmerized with the quality of the photos. It was clear to see that the pupils were engaged and inspired. Amazing presentation and the live football shot are impressive”.