Project Description

Levenmouth Academy pupils gain Zoology experience in partnership with Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park

Senior pupils with an interest in animal care were given the opportunity to attend the Royal Society of Scotland’s Summer School. This week long course provided a unique opportunity for the pupils to gain a real world experience in the fields of research and conservation within the setting of Zoos. 

The opportunity was promoted by the DYW co-ordinator and Science teachers within Levenmouth Academy who were able to identify students that would find this beneficial and receive a certificate on completion.

Details of the course featured finding out about how zoos work behind the scenes, covering scientific areas such as animal behaviour, welfare, genetic management, ecology, and conservation.
They gained skills in designing and conducting scientific research, analysis and presentation using an animal group in the zoo. In addition to this the course allows students to develop useful transferable skills including independent and team-based working skills; problem solving; time management; public speaking and ‘Powerpoint’ design skills. There is also a significant use of IT as part of the course. 

Equity promoted and barriers removed by supporting pupils with lunches, funded via Orecatapult 

Pupil Testimonial

‘Attending has absolutely given me more of an insight into the work that goes into conservation and has motivated me even more to pursue a job in this field.’, ‘I would definitely recommend this event to anyone who wishes to pursue a job in anything relating to animals or the environment.’ – Sonny A