Project Description

Let’s Fly Away: Inverkeithing High School Visit Edinburgh Airport

Pupils in the Supported Learning Provision at Inverkeithing High School had a very exciting visit to Edinburgh Airport to learn about all the different careers and jobs within the Airport.

10 Pupils from the Supported Learning Provision at Inverkeithing High School had a behind the scenes tour of Edinburgh Airport. Seonaid Gow from Edinburgh Airport met with the pupils and talked them through all the departments within the Airport and the job roles within these areas. Pupils also met with the an Engineer who was able to share with them how their learning in STEM at school links with his everyday job. Pupils were give a tour to see the security area, check in desks, the control room and to watch the planes landing and taking off on the runway.

A highlight of the visit was experiencing the control room within the main terminal building. The pupils could not believe the number of cameras in such a small room and had many questions to ask!

Chloe Blake had a particularly exciting visit in the control room as she was asked to make an announcement over the tannoy! One young person was especially delighted to track all the buses coming and going from the surrounding area. We also experienced a sudden alert while in the control room as someone was flying a drone rather close to the runway. This meant we were able to meet the police who responded to the alert during our tour.

One pupil said:

I liked meeting Alec the Engineer and asking him so many questions!

This visit highlighted the many careers within the Airport however also gave our young people an experience many had not had before of going to an Airport and the process of going on holiday and travelling by plane. A really fantastic experience and a huge thank you to Seonaid and the Airport Team at Edinburgh who warmly welcomed all our young people.

The young people all had a fantastic day and enjoyed meeting new people and hearing about their jobs.