Project Description

From September to December 2022, five S3 students from Viewforth High School competed in the Future Asset competition.  

The competition is designed to encourage girls in high schools in Scotland to look at the world of investment where females are currently significantly underrepresented. The aim is to show girls how responsible investing has the power to change the world around us for the better. To enable them to gain valuable, transferable skills such as interpersonal skills, confidence, problem-solving powers and resilience and to consider the benefits of possible future careers.   

The team selected the Norwegian recycling company TOMRA as the focus of their research.  They were supported in their efforts by their Maths teacher who has a previous background in investment management. The girls were assigned an investment mentor, an analyst at Bailie Gifford, who provided additional support and expertise.  In their dealings with their investment mentor the girls had to organise their online meetings and provide an agenda, which gave them additional insight into the world of work.   

In order to deepen their understanding of the competition and the investment process, the competition organiser was invited to visit the team at Viewforth High school. 

After seeing their final submission Helen from Future Assets wrote, 

“This is a huge achievement. To go from knowing nothing about investment and analysing companies, to researching this company, understanding and interpreting the information and presenting a very clear, persuasive case really is very impressive. I hope the girls are very proud of themselves – they should be”. 

The girls’ final submission to the competition was an in-depth investment report and a 3-minute elevator pitch describing why TOMRA is a good investment.  This included financial accounts, SWOT analysis, share price data as well as analysis of customer base and new business market.