Project Description

Empowering Youth through the Sporting Change Project

Viewforth High School, in collaboration with Raith Rovers Community Foundation, initiated the Sporting Change Project, engaging 15 S2/S3 young people. The project aims to connect with young individuals through an alternative education program, inspiring them to reach their potential and providing support in mental health, life skills, and health and well-being activities. Key individuals involved from Raith Rovers Community Foundation include Paul Wilson (General Manager), Cameron Evans (Community Coach), and JJ Henderson (Community Coach). 

The Sporting Change Project is an 8-week initiative designed to empower young people through a combination of workshops and football training sessions delivered by community coaches. In the first week, participants engaged in an introduction to the program, signed player contracts, participated in team-building activities, and received football training from Raith Rovers Community Coaches. Additionally, the young people had the unique opportunity to meet some of the first team players for a Q&A session, providing an insightful and inspirational experience. 

Feedback from Those in Attendance 

Direct quotes from participants highlight the positive impact of the experience: 

  • “I had a brilliant day today, got to meet some of my favorite players and I enjoyed the training session with the coaches.” 
  • “I really enjoyed the experience, and getting to sign a contract made it feel really professional.” 

These quotes reflect the enthusiasm and excitement among the young participants, indicating that the event successfully engaged and motivated them. The combination of football training, interaction with professional players, and the formalization of their participation through signing contracts contributed to a sense of professionalism and significance for the young individuals. 

An unintended positive outcome is the potential for the Sporting Change Project to contribute not only to the participants’ physical well-being but also to their mental health and overall personal development. The unique blend of sports, education, and mentorship offers a holistic approach to supporting young people. The project aligns with Raith Rovers Community Foundation’s mission to empower the community through innovative partnership working. The involvement of first-team players in the Q&A session adds an extra layer of inspiration, showcasing positive role models and connecting the young participants to the broader world of professional sports. This initiative has the potential to create lasting positive impacts on the participants’ lives beyond the scope of the 8-week program.