Project Description

Empowering Barista Students through Collaboration with The Fix Coffee Shop  

The Fix, located in Fife, is a well-known independent coffee shop recognized for its excellent coffee, special toasties, baking, and a strong brand with loyal customers. The Fix has actively engaged with the school to build a lasting relationship and support Barista students. They’ve delivered talks, training sessions, and offered a site visit for students to experience the real-life operations of a coffee business. The Fix aims to contribute to the students’ understanding of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and industry-specific skills. 

The collaboration between The Fix and the school began with discussions to understand how the coffee shop could support Barista students and what insights they could share about running a successful business. The intended outcomes included providing students with a holistic understanding of entrepreneurship, emphasizing success and work-life balance. The employer, representing The Fix, also aimed to discuss the skills and attitudes they look for when hiring staff, share insights into the independent coffee industry, and provide hands-on training on operational techniques and drink production. 

During the event, pupils were treated to an engaging and relevant talk by The Fix’s owner. This was followed by hands-on training where students had the opportunity to learn about steaming and stretching milk for lattes and even try their hand at latte art. The session was highly interactive, with students actively engaging, asking questions, and expressing their enthusiasm. 

Feedback from Those in Attendance 

Pupils shared their positive feedback: 

  • “I loved it.” 
  • “This has built my confidence.” 
  • “It has gotten me excited about running my own business one day.” 
  • “I didn’t think I could do latte art, but I have.” 

These quotes highlight the positive impact the event had on the students’ confidence, aspirations, and practical skills. The engagement with The Fix provided students with valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and the specific skills required in the coffee industry. 

An unintended positive outcome was a significant increase in students’ confidence in preparing Barista drinks. One student, who was struggling with mental health issues that day, experienced a positive transformation during the session, leaving happy and confident. This underscores the broader impact that industry engagement and hands-on experiences can have on students beyond the intended learning outcomes. The collaboration between The Fix and the school not only enhanced the students’ skills but also contributed to their overall well-being, showcasing the holistic benefits of such partnerships.