Project Description

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Support Fife PSS 

After seeing a post on Dunfermline Athletic Football Clubs (DAFC) website about the wider career opportunities in the world of football, Fife Pupil Support Service reached out to learn more.  

DAFC employs people for a whole range of different purposes and Dave Dawson from the club was incredibly accommodating.  The team planned two pupil visits, a morning and afternoon session, to ensure all students were able to participate.  

The intended outcome was to give the young people the opportunity to learn about the wider employment related aspects in the world of football including business, accounting, retail, hospitality, physiotherapy, media and maintenance. DAFC employs people for a whole range of different areas including hospitality, agriculture, maintenance, medics, IT & Security, Drivers and more.  

The group were warmly welcomed by Dave and Alan from the club who had prepared a short task relating to the different jobs people have at East End Park. This was a great conversation starter, and the pupils were engaged and had lots of questions and comments.  

The group got a tour around the stadium, both inside and outside where they saw the medal room, the place where the post-match interviews take place, with a poster of all the sponsors in the background. This spurred on a conversation about sponsorships and what that means. 

The pupils also got to see the outside of the stadium and got to sit in the players’ seats alongside the dressing room, cantina and laundry room where the footballers’ kits were being washed and dried. Towards the end the pupils got to go see the bar and the other function rooms. 

Throughout the visit, Dave and Allan talked about all the people working at the stadium and explained what jobs they had.  

A PSS representative said, “This was an eye opener for our pupils. I think they learned a lot during this visit and realised there are so many more jobs ‘behind the scenes’ at the football stadium, not just the football players. It was a great visit.”