Project Description

Discover You Workshop Builds Confidence for St Columbus Students  

Students from St Columbus recently attended two, two-hour workshop with David Weir from Discover You to help support them to improve their self-confidence both in a professional and personal environment. 

DYW Fife worked closely with the school to identify a core group of students who would most benefit from this session focusing on children who require additional support or do not have a clear positive destination in mind.   

Due to the vulnerable nature of the group, the DYW Coordinator for St Columbus, Nicola MacKinnon, spoke to each attendee individually & introduced them to David in advance of the session which helped to limit the risk of non-attendance due to anxiety and confidence issues.   

The group were able to meet David at an earlier Career and Pathway event and they had received invitations with a fun task to complete before the meeting, which allowed David to meet the students and for them to meet him in a non-threatening environment.  This started the process of slowly introducing the workshop to them and engaging in dialogue about what will happen during the process.  Students were able to engage with the materials they would be using.  This had positive impact as students were keen to take part in the next session and no one wished to withdraw from the programme. 

The purpose of DiscoverYou is to help people discover who they are. When they make that discovery, it motivates them to be confident and to develop personally and professionally.  Each programme is designed to enhance the self-esteem vital to personal development and an understanding of others essential to effective collaboration with them. 

The workshop is broken down into two sessions: 


To introduce participants, this session creates personal awareness in participants regarding who they are and encourages them to see their value as a person. It ‘starts to builds self-esteem as they identify their qualities and strengths and increases understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of others. 

Career Orientation  

The second session looks to empowers participants to make career pathway choices based on who they are and gives them the tools to see how their values and talents should influence their choices. Participants are encouraged to be the best they can be and offers them a positive start in life by leading towards career fulfilment and satisfaction 

Students were given direction and encouragement to build self-confidence and to raise their self-esteem.  The workshops are interactive and are supported by a Power Point presentation. Each participant received a booklet for each workshop which they took notes and were able to take-away for future reference. The emphasis is on self-discovery, but with support and guidance where needed. 

Nicola said, “David and I both really enjoyed the sessions and it led to further discussions about how we can further embed this into the school.” 

Students who took part in both sessions said,  

“Excellent, allows you to see the good things of you” Graceann 

“I discovered something about myself.  I am suitable to work as a bartender”  Darragh 

“Two thumbs up!” Gabe 

“I enjoyed the sessions, I now have an understanding what I am good” Chloe 

“Enjoyable” Liam 

“I enjoyed it.  It helped me with my career and what I would be good at” Joe  

“Quite useful in what my future career will be”  Jack 

To learn more about David Weir and Discovery You, visit their website here: