Project Description

Pupils at Madras College recently attended a career workshop with a twist, spending the day on a journey of self-discovery to learn more about how their personality fits in different professional environments.  

In a world of infinite personality types, the DiscoverYou workshops core purpose is to help support people in discovering who they are and broaden awareness of other types of personalities – we all have our quirks! Being aware of your instinctive traits has proven to help motivate and build confidence to develop both personally and professionally.  

David Weir, Founder of Personality World, who created the ‘DiscoverYou’ workshop, is passionate about helping young people realise their potential and be happy and fulfilled in their future careers. David was introduced to the school by Amanda Liddell, Fife’s DYW Business Engagement Executive and the partnership aims to help pupils identify their dominant personality type and which career path(s) would best suit them. 

Each programme is designed to enhance self-esteem, which is vital to personal development, and provide a core understanding of other personality, which is essential to effective collaboration.  During the two 2-hour workshops, pupils identified their dominant personality type from Analyser, Empathiser, Energiser or Organiser, then considered the make-up of their personalities. The second session focussed on core values, talents and preferred jobs before measuring these metrics and summarising professions that would suit them best.  

The workshop was received well and helped to reinforce previously considered pathways and provide focus for those who attended with no clear career journey in mind. 

Chris (S6) said, “I found it useful and Interesting.” 

Martyn (S6) said, “I liked reading the street as it did feel realistic to me.” 

Tawa (S6) said, “It was well presented and quite useful.”