Project Description

At the beginning of December a group of pupils from three DYW Public Support Service (PSS) centres in Fife enjoyed a visit from the British Army in Glenrothes. The team from the Armed Forces Career Office came to talk through the different roles available within the army and gave an insight into army life and their own personal journeys.   

After queries from a few pupils across Fife, PSS approached the local army office to enquire about career talks going on in the area as part of the ‘Army Infantry Recruitment Tour 2022’. The objective was to give pupils a link to more information and a chance to ask questions to ultimately help them decide if the army is a practical future career path for them.   

Sergeant Taylor from the Armed Forces Careers Office in Dundee was very accommodating and helpful. He delvered two sessions which ensured that all 12 of our interested pupils had the opportunity to attend.  

The Army has over 240 job roles ranging from infantry soldier, nurse, avionics technician, vehicle mechanic, cyber engineer, trades, intelligence operators, police and more, so they cater to all levels of academia and skills. Sergeant Taylor and his colleage brought equiptment for the group to see, the parachute was a particular highlight, and answered questions from the pupils, highlighted the additional support that an army career can offer from financial to educational. 

All participants were engaged and interested throughout the workshop so future collaberations with the armed forces would provide further opportunities to more students. 

With this path already an option, Klayton said, “I have already looked at signing up. I found it interesting learning about Army Life” 

Anon,” I enjoyed the experience and I am thinking about joining the army in the future” 

Kriss was interested in the mechanical side of things saying, “I liked getting to ask questions about Army vehicles and their mechanics” 

Blaine gained awareness and said, “I found it helpful to understand what other kinds of jobs are available within the Army”