Project Description

Women’s Engineering Society (WES) hosted a virtual apprentice showcase event at Balwearie High School where they featured panels of current engineering apprentices from some of the biggest and best-known companies in the UK, including BAE Systems and Dyson. The apprentices shared their experiences and took questions from the students taking part.

The Women’s Engineering Society is a charity and a professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development. Balwearie High School’s Design and Technology department made the link with WES.

The virtual apprentice showcase event was comprised of two sessions, the first focusing on the pathway to success in STEM careers and the second opening the floor to students to ask questions to the current apprentices.

In the first session, Heidi Moulden, a Graduate and Apprentice Recuitment Team Leader, and Lee Nelson, an Apprentice and Skills Development Coach, shared their tips on the pathway to success in a STEM career.

In the second session, students had the chance to pose their questions to the current WES apprentices about how they’ve managed to make the most of the opportunities that were available to them to help fast track their learning and their careers.

After the event, WES emailed out video recordings of the event, which meant that further students who weren’t able to attend on the day could still benefit from the sessions.

Simone Purves, DYW Fife Coordinator at Balwearie High School said,

“All the young people involved really enjoyed the WES showcase and were able to get an insight into working in the engineering sector. They particularly liked the second session where they were able to hear current apprentices’ experiences of undertaking an apprenticeship. They found it extremely useful to hear about the process of applying for an apprenticeship with Dyson and BAE and were given an insight into the work that is currently going on in those businesses.”