Project Description

Case Study: ‘Best of You’ mentoring for seven Beath High School pupils

Mark Brown from MB Programmes recently attended Beath High School in December 2021 to deliver a series of workshops, talks, group challenges and activities designed to support participants’ growth in confidence, motivation, ambition, self-esteem, positive mental health, wellbeing and self-leadership.

Seven pupils took part in the week-long programme, which also involved input from Tragic O’Hara, a renowned street artist, and Craig Mathieson, head of The Polar Academy. Over the five days the group progressed and discovered their unique potential.

One of the standout activities over the course of the programme was the truck pulling teamwork challenge. After initial fear and doubt, all pupils were able to achieve success. At first, they thought the activity was simply trying to pull a truck but once they got started, they all learned that it was more about self-belief and achievement.

best of you beathBest of you programme

The young people involved in the mentoring programme achieved so much in such a short space of time. Some of the positive outcomes achieved included:

  • Increased confidence and the ability to practice higher levels of respect for both themselves and for others
  • Increased focus when faced with challenge and adversity
  • The ability to manage mental health issues and support others to do the same
  • A higher level of drive, ambition and commitment as they begin to explore what a more positive future looks and feels like
  • Recognition of the importance of seeking purposeful employment and contributing to society

Best of you beath

Demi-Leigh, one of the pupils who took part in the programme, said:

“I really enjoyed the programme, it made me feel more confident about myself. I feel I can work better in groups now. I especially enjoyed working with Tragic on the art designs.”

Martin Terry, DYW Fife Coordinator at Beath High School, said:

“I was delighted to see how engaged the pupils were with the different activities. Mark very quickly manages to form good relationships and pupils are highly motivated to engage with the challenges.”