Project Description

Auchmuty Bakers

The Home Economics department at Auchmuty High School deliver a NPA bakery and one of the units within this course is breadmaking. The students must produce certain bread Items that would be sellable, the product must be of the highest of standards and produced ensuring the food hygiene and kitchen organisation have been followed as if in a workplace. 

Chef at the Froth & Flame Edinburgh, Paulo Santos gave a masterclass in pizza, ciabatta and Focaccia making to 40 NPA-Bakery students at Auchmuty High School, bringing his passion, expertise and knowledge as an award winning pizzaiola to the students at the school. The days was a great success, with all the students being really enthused by the skills they learned on the day. 

bread MakingPaulo demonstrated the bread making process whilst teaching students about the importance of the ingredients and temperatures during bread making. He gave insight into his career progression which sparked great questions from our students. Students then made the dough for the bread, kneading and separating the dough and shaping their specialty breads. 

The outcome of Paulo’s visit was to provide insight into the role of a pizzaiolo, working within the hospitality industry and to teach skills, techniques and knowledge required to produce these bread products. As part of their bread making unit, they must produce two specialty breads, getting Paulo in to demonstrate the skills and techniques to produce these breads was the goal of this visit.  


The masterclass was sponsored by Molini Lario – Accademia Farina, who provided caps and aprons for all 40 students and Morrisons food services, Glasgow provided 50 kilos of Molini Lario flour for our students.

The students loved the whole day, it was inspiring and motivating for all involved. Students have been invited to visit Paulo at the Froth and Flame restaurant to see his pizza ovens and see how he serves, produces and bakes all the items for the menu.