Project Description

Army Apprenticeships

Sgt Derek Vaughan, an Armed Forces Career Advisor recently visited Madras College to share information on the range of apprenticeships available through the Army. The session was attended by a total of 20 pupils ranging from S2 to S6 and the aim was to provide pupils with information about how they could study and train whilst being paid as a member of the forces. There was also an insight given into army life, living conditions, pay and opportunities.

The British Army attended to offer career advice to pupils who had an interest in the armed forces or seeing how the Army could support them in gaining a qualification.

Sgt Vaughan gave a presentation detailing how army training can be combined with study allowing recruits to gain qualifications whilst being paid as a soldier. He explained the wide variety of areas that can be studied, including public services and health, telecommunications, engineering, business administration and more.

Many pupils expressed that this was the first time they had learned about the possibility of learning whilst in the army.

Sgt Vaughan was inundated with questions at the end of his presentation and spent an hour chatting with pupils who were fascinated by his personal experiences in the army. They heard all about his varied career and the different routes his colleagues have taken. Pupils were especially keen to learn about the living conditions and food on offer to recruits! They also learned about the reality of being a soldier and came away with a well rounded view of the role.

Pupil, s6

“I’m interested in starting a business and hadn’t realised that this was something I could study towards whilst getting paid. It’s certainly given me something to think about.”

Max, s3

“I thought it was a wonderful talk that led to the many opportunities on offer, not only in the Army world, but in the world in general. I really enjoyed it. It was an outstandingly presented and showed the different routes you can take, which I think we should talk about more in school”