Project Description

Architect Work Experience

S6 pupil Marika Urbanksa at Dunfermline High School is currently working on building a portfolio for Art School acceptance into Architecture.

After discussions with her teacher Mrs Maclachlan, Marika decided to pursue a work placement with Michael Laird Architects. Director of Michael Laird Architects, Kenny Fraser (who is also a former pupil of Dunfermline High School) had already been in schools giving career presentations so Marika approached him to find out if a placement would be possible. Kenny was enthusiastic about the opportunity and encouraged Marika to send a formal email request which was granted.

Marika spent her Easter break in the Edinburgh office and worked with a wide team of people from MLA. They gave her access to a PC and software, took her to various live sites under construction to experience hands on communication with engineers, construction workers and clients. Marika also had the added bonus of meeting several colleagues who showed her their CVs and applications and gave her tips on interview skills.

Marika has now been accepted into Architecture at university next year.

Marika said the following about the experience:

“It was great! I wanted to thank you for introducing me and giving me this opportunity as it was very fun. All the employees were extremely kind. I got to see a couple of sites in person and a few of the designers showed me their CVs when they were straight out of uni. Overall super informative and a positive experience. Thank you again!”