Project Description

Nicola Masterson, QIO DYW Fife, and Darren Wilson, Senior Wider Achievement Coordinator DYW Fife, attended the Youth Sport Trust Conference 2024 in Telford, Birmingham. The Kirkcaldy Sport and Leisure Alliance (KSLA) received the Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award for their innovative approach in combining the Youth Sport Set for Success education programme with local organisations and clubs to foster the Sport and Leisure Industry in Kirkcaldy.

Participating Schools: Balwearie, Kirkcaldy, St Andrews RC, and Viewforth High Schools


The Kirkcaldy Sport and Leisure Alliance (KSLA) emerged from the visionary efforts of DYW Fife, uniting four Kirkcaldy High Schools with local organisations to equip students with vital life and employment skills. Leveraging the Youth Sport Trust’s Set for Success programme, funded by the Wimbledon Foundation and Barclays, KSLA embarked on a journey to intertwine education with sports and leisure, aiming to foster growth and opportunity in the community.

Programme Details:

The young people identified to take part in the ‘Set for Success’ programme will have the opportunity to take part in planned and relevant work experience and volunteering opportunities as a stepping stone for potential employment in the Sports and Leisure industry. These opportunities will be designed in collaboration with the KSLA to ensure that these are best suited to the needs and interests of the participants.

KSLA is a three-year funded programme and In year 1, KSLA introduced 15 S3 pupils to a series of workshops led by esteemed athletes such as Laura Pilikington and Steve Frew. Collaborating with local partners like Active Schools and Fife Golf Trust, the programme delved into coach development, inclusivity training, and work placements, enriching students with practical experience and accredited qualifications. Additionally, initiatives like CV writing workshops from Link Living empowered youths with essential employability skills, paving the path for their future success in the sports and leisure industry.


Darren Wilson, Senior Wider Achievement Coordinator DYW Fife, expressed profound pride in KSLA’s recognition with the Outstanding Contribution to the Community award. Athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson echoed the sentiment, emphasising the pivotal role of sports in youth development and education.

Ali Oliver, CEO of Youth Sport Trust, admired the innovation showcased by KSLA, acknowledging the profound impact of sports on youth empowerment and community development.


The collaboration between KSLA and its partners exemplifies the transformative potential of sports and leisure in nurturing young talent and fostering community resilience. Through initiatives like Set for Success, KSLA not only enhances employability but also instills a sense of purpose and well-being in students. As KSLA continues to evolve, its commitment to empowering youth through sports and leisure skill development remains unwavering, promising a brighter future for communities across Kirkcaldy.