Project Description

Ryan McCue is a former pupil of Balwearie High School who graduated in 2010 to pursue a degree in Business Studies at the University of Stirling.  

We previously connected with Ryan to deliver a presentation surrounding the importance of languages in general and the benefit to young people later in life. As Ryan now runs an export consultancy service, we were delighted that he was able to provide additional insights into basic business.  

All S3 pupils are required to choose a language as part of their standard curriculum therefore this workshop was a great asset for the over 200 pupils who attended. Ryan spoke about the importance of language and languages in business, from how you speak to body language and how this can affect building and nurturing relationships both at work and in personal lives. 

Ryan founded his company, Food Export International (FEI), in 2019. FEI are an export consultancy agency who provide full industry specific servicing from individual export training, market identification, business development and partner relationship management. FEI have experience in over 100 international markets and have successfully leveraged a positive reputation of British food and drink around the world.  

Lucy Peat (S3) said, “I enjoyed the section on languages and cultural differences, it was very interesting” 

Joshua Whyley (S3) commented, “I found it interesting when Ryan was talking about how you shouldn’t be afraid to do things and jump in with two feet. I found it interesting how he explained how he does things.”  

Isla Baker (S3) also said, “I enjoyed learning about seeing what you can do when you start your own business” 

After some great feedback from the S3 pupils, Ryan has agreed to come in and speak to our Higher and Advanced Higher Business Management classes as well as our S2 Elective “Build a Business” to share further insights with a wider group of pupils.