Project Description

On the 9th of November, a group of 32 S2 Drama students from Levenmouth Academy embarked on an enriching visit to the Sky Up Academy in Livingston. This immersive learning experience provided students with a hands-on opportunity to explore the world of media production using cutting-edge film and editing technologies. 

The visit to Sky Up Academy involved students working in small groups, immersing themselves in real-life media roles. In the state-of-the-art studios, they took on the challenge of creating, filming, and editing their own movie trailer. This engaging and interactive experience allowed the students to apply their creativity and develop key skills such as Communication, Collaboration, and critical Digital Literacy skills. 

The hands-on nature of the experience at Sky Up Academy was designed to foster the development of essential skills. Students not only honed their creativity and technical abilities but also gained confidence in a professional studio setting. The visit aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and practical application in a real-world media production environment. 

 Engaging with the latest film and editing technologies at Sky Up Academy equipped students with valuable Digital Literacy skills. Working in authentic media roles allowed them to experience the challenges and dynamics of a creative team, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and collaboration in the media industry. 

The visit to Sky Up Academy exemplifies the commitment of Levenmouth Academy to bridging the gap between classroom theory and real-world application, this engagement contributed to the holistic development of students, preparing them for future opportunities in the dynamic field of media production.