Project Description

Partner with DYW Fife: New Work Placement Portal Launched in Fife Schools

DYW Fife and Fife Council’s Education Directorate is thrilled to announce the launch of Workit, a new booking and recording system to Fife, designed to facilitate work experience placements for young people in our secondary schools. This initiative aims to build a robust and skilled future workforce in Fife, and we are seeking the support of local employers to make this endeavor a resounding success. 

Why Participate? 

By offering work experience placements through Workit and supported by DYW Fife, employers can enjoy numerous benefits: 

  • Develop Staff Skills: Engage your team in mentoring young people, enhancing their coaching and leadership skills. 
  • Community Engagement: Strengthen your ties with the local community by investing in its future. 
  • Raise Company Profile: Increase your visibility and reputation as a community-focused organization. 
  • Promote Industry Opportunities: Highlight career paths within your industry to young talent. 
  • Gain Fresh Perspectives: Benefit from the innovative ideas and perspectives that young people bring. 
  • Identify Future Employees: Spot and nurture potential future employees early on. 

How Workit Works 

Workit provides a flexible platform for employers, allowing you to customise your work experience offers: 

  • When: Choose the timing that suits your organisation. 
  • Duration: Decide how long the placements will last. 
  • Number of Placements: Specify the number of young people you can host. 
  • Target Groups: Focus on particular groups of young people if desired. 

Join Us in Shaping the Future Workforce in Fife 

By partnering with us, you’ll be providing invaluable knowledge and confidence to young people as they transition into the workplace. Your involvement will not only help them but also contribute significantly to the future of Fife and Scotland. 

Learn More 

For more information and to speak with someone about how you can get involved, please contact us at