Project Description

Keith Partridge inspires Fife’s young people to achieve their dreams

Young people from across Fife were inspired and given an insight into learning, life and work, when Cinematographer, Keith Partridge, ‘popped’ into their classrooms recently.

Hosted virtually by Fife Council’s Culture of Enterprise Programme as part of its series of industry talks, over 41 young people welcomed Keith Partridge, EMMY award winning cinematographer. Immediately they were engaged and listened to his career adventures, which have spanned over 30 years in some of the most remote and extreme environments.

Keith Partridge joined the BBC straight from school and focused on location camera work and sound, while enjoying mountaineering adventures in his spare time. This powerful combination resulted in Keith setting up his own business. And, he hasn’t looked back – he’s a successful extreme filmmaker for television and cinema, author, award winner, speaker and trainer.

Those adventures, tales and experiences, all combined into a compelling and inspirational talk. Supported by Fife’s DYW School Coordinators, the children from high schools across Fife (including Viewforth High School, Auchmuty High School and Woodmill High School) were left in awe.

Keith spoke of his fascinating life, career and entrepreneurial characteristics, which have led him down an exciting path through starting his own business, to an apprenticeship and following his dream and combining the things he was most passionate about to start a business. He also left the young people with a powerful message to think about – ‘the only barrier to achieving potential exists in the mind’.

This masterclass was arranged by Fife Council’s Culture of Enterprise Programme, which focuses on inspiring young people to think about enterprise, to think about their future, and possible career opportunities. Sometimes they need inspired to think outside the norm.

Key skills for learning, life and work were highlighted throughout this inspiring presentation such as:

  • Acceptance of risk
  • Barriers in the mind
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Commitment
  • A leap of faith
  • Passion as a driver
  • A time to reflect, a time to dream
  • Expecting the unexpected
  • Building the blocks in confidence and the spiral of experience
  • Resilience. Accepting the knocks – going over or finding a way around and bouncing back quickly
  • Understanding limits – limits exist in the mind. There has to be a willingness to explore and push to a new limit – to reset those limits
  • Fulfilment.

These lessons were showcased through the telling of Keith’s fascinating story, and are applicable to every sector and career path, regardless of where someone has come from.

Keith Partridge’s advice for aspiring film makers

“I think that following dreams, or let’s put it another way, to have total passion about a subject or an area of work does several things. Passion ensures commitment, energy, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to explore yourself and the things around you. Without those attributes, the willingness to take on the challenge of the location and the difficulty of filming would not be there.”

Creating a lasting impression

This inspiring industry talk will hopefully leave a lasting impression on our young people enabling them to push past mental obstacles that may have previously prevented them from reaching for their dreams.

Here’s what young people from Viewforth High School had to say:

  • “You need to push past your comfort zone in order to achieve your dreams.”
  • “Take a leap into the unknown.”
  • “Even when the worst happens, always try your best!”

To find out more about the amazing life of Keith Partridge, visit his website.

For more information on Fife Council Economic Development’s Culture of Enterprise Programme, visit: Invest Fife