Project Description

Project/Activity Details: 

Balwearie High School organised a Career Evening aimed at showcasing careers beyond the traditional STEM focus, emphasising the significance of arts and creative subjects. The event aimed to inform students and families about diverse career opportunities available. Attendees included local businesses, parents, pupils, universities, colleges, and charitable organisations. 

In total, approximately 200 individuals attended, with representation from 5 colleges, 6 universities, and around 20 local businesses and organisations. 

Feedback from Attendees: 

  • Parent: “A really worthwhile event. My daughter is in S3 and is unsure of her career choice so she got a lot out of this.” 
  • Stall Holder/Former Pupil: “Lovely event, superbly organised and delivered. Would love to come back next year.” 
  • Pupil: “Lots of variety in stalls and really useful information about specific courses.” 
  • Parent: “Good selection of professionals. Good mixture of people at different stages of their career.” 

Further Considerations/Interesting Information: 

Despite being held at an unconventional time of year, the event drew significant attendance. It effectively showcased the myriad of career opportunities within the creative sectors. Additionally, engaging with former pupils who represented colleges, universities, or themselves as self-employed performers provided valuable insights into transitioning from school to the workforce. 


Balwearie High School’s Career Evening successfully broadened students’ and families’ perspectives on career options beyond traditional STEM fields. By highlighting the importance of creative subjects, the event empowered attendees with valuable information and insights, fostering informed career decisions and aspirations.