Project Description

On Tuesday 8th March 2022, 15 female pupils from Beath High School travelled to Babcock (Rosyth) to take part in an Insight Day visit as a showcase for International Women’s Day. The pupils were treated to a tour of the site and educational input from a range of Babcock employees including ex and current Graduate Apprentices. The day was very interactive and enjoyable and Babcock also provided lunch and a gift water bottle for all pupils.

The pupils learned about the potential career pathways in Babcock and there were some honest discussions about the disproportionately low number of females working with the company. They learned about the current projects in operation and also what the future would look like when they came to leave school.

The pupils were able to see all the different career pathways in action during our site tour. It was really beneficial to be able to ask questions to staff first hand and to start to understand what the reality of work in Engineering Services is really like.

Highlights involved watching the welders work on the underside of the ships. It was also a great opportunity to see the size and scale of the giant crane (Goliath) and the dry dock in which the aircraft carriers were built. Our pupils were blown away at how big these projects are.

Babcock have continued to offer great support to local schools and this session we have worked closely to develop stronger networks. Babcock have also offered a virtual work experience opportunity in June, which a number of Beath HS pupils have applied for.

Here’s what some of the attendees on the day had to say:

“Babcock really rolled out the red carpet for us.  The Insight Day was interactive, fun and insightful.  I think the teachers asked as many questions as the pupils!” – Martin Terry, DYW Coordinator.

“I really enjoyed seeing the size of the big crane.  I have seen It from a distance but couldn’t believe it when I stood under it” – Kelsey Cameron, pupil

“The size of the dry-dock was incredible.  It must have been three football pitches long” – Aileigh Aitchison, pupil