Project Description

Alumni Inspires Kirkcaldy Students

Kirkcaldy High School (KHS) alumni Adam Campbell returned to the school to give a talk to around 40 Computing Science and Games Development seniors.   

Adam outlined his journey from school through university to his career in Software Development. Adam, the first in his family to attend University, highlighted the resilience and perseverance he needed in the face of many knockbacks to his eventual success in gaining a place on a Computer Games Technology course at Abertay University, class of 2019.  

He discussed the job-hunting process and how resilience is important in the realm of trying to enter a saturated market. Adam talked through his experience and how he eventually gained employment with SeaByte, an Edinburgh based company involved in developing code for automated maritime vehicles.   

He gave an overview of the company and their work with both the Royal and U.S. Navies which gave the students some helpful notes around learning software development and job seeking advice in general.   

Feedback from our young people was very positive with comments confirming the benefit of seeing beyond school in a digital/computing industry context. 

Reflecting on his experience with the group, Adam said, ‘I really enjoyed the experience and learning about the work KHS is doing for computer science! Hopefully the students found it interesting, and definitely reach out if any further opportunities present themselves for industry collaboration.’