Project Description


From Monday 16th November 2020 we are very excited to officially launch DYW’s #ajobforeverybody campaign!

Aimed at employers, parents and young people, #ajobforeverybody intends to promote, illustrate and celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace across Scotland through a variety of social media content, videos, live online events and webinars.

The week will also see a series of events arranged by DYW Dumfries & Galloway including a Live Event ‘Strengthening Diversity through Inclusion’ with 3 In Consulting and several webisodes from the DWP featuring Disability Confident and the return of ‘Play Your Cards Right!’ with Sue Livermore, (from Dumfries & Galloway College).

You can support also the campaign by getting involved in our #myskillsmakeme activity – find out more below!

What activities are on throughout the week?

Online event

Wednesday 18th November, 12.00pm

‘Strengthening Diversity through Inclusion’ – Paul Skovron from 3IN Consulting

During this live event Paul will be talking about the pitfalls and advantages of creating a diverse workforce.

The session will cover:

  • The importance of equality in the workplace and the legal requirements on organisations to comply with the Equality Act
  • The impact of discrimination and bias in the workplace
  • Explain the concepts of diversity and inclusion
  • The opportunities and advantages of creating an empowered diverse workforce
  • How an engaged diverse workforce transforms organisations
  • How an inclusive organisation can reap tangible benefits through the diversity

Booking for the event can be made via the Eventbrite link, here.


‘Play Your Cards Right’ with Sue Livermore

A series of five 5-minute webisodes, one each day of the week, highlighting actual advertisements published in various magazines/papers from businesses and organisations.

  1. Monday 16th November – Webisode 1: Faith
  2. Tuesday 17th November – Webisode 2: Husband and wife..?
  3. Wednesday 18th November – Webisode 3: Robust
  4. Thursday 19th November – Webisode 4: On Show
  5. Friday 20th November – Webisode 5: Sick

Disability Confident

A series of three 5-minute introductions to the Disability Confident programme from The Department of Work and Pensions.

  1. Tuesday 17th November – Webisode 1: Welcome to Disability Confident
  2. Wednesday 18th November – Webisode 2: What do you need to provide?
  3. Thursday 19th November – Webisode 3: Progress with Disability Confident

All of our webisodes (once live) will be available on DYW Dumfries and Galloway’s YouTube channel. Just look for the playlist called, #ajobforeverybody.


With our #myskillsmakeme activity, we are showing young people that by working on their skills, attitude and approach to life they have it within their control to affect their outcome. We also want employers to see the emerging talent of our young people based on the skills they are developing!

Project Aims

  • To illustrate and celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • To challenge stereotypes
  • To provide real examples that illustrate diversity and inclusive practice in the workplace
  • To highlight regional partners who will support businesses/organisations in understanding diversity and inclusion
  • To illustrate the skills people, bring to the workplace

Activity for young people

To support the campaign, young people can join us by writing down their top skills and what they want to do in their career, using the template provided below.

#myskillsmakeme young person activity

Activity for professionals

To support the campaign, adults should write down their top skills and any barriers that they have faced in their careers so far, using the template provided below.

#myskillsmakeme adult activity

Everyone who would like to take part in the campaign should download the template and post their completed activity on social media w/c 16th November tagging DYW Fife and using the hashtags, #myskillsmakeme and #ajobforeverybody.